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Nov 15, 2019

Join the nutritionist team and Maria Yanson from ACAC for a discussion on how to approach your holiday season as an opportunity rather than an obstacle to kick start your health and wellness goals. They will dispel the holiday weight gaining myth and offer practical tips and suggestions to get a healthy jump start on your New Year. 


Show Notes 

Five Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season 

1.       Set goals for the holiday but be realistic. Make short term goals that mirror your long term goals; including eating, exercise, sleep and hydration.

2.       Take time each week to make a schedule and stick to it! Set aside time to exercise, meal plan, shop (Giant Pick-up or Giant Delivers) and plan for the indulgencies by adding extra physical activity.

3.       Make good party decisions as a guest - enjoy the people, eat/drink in moderation, use a smaller plate, and bring a healthy dish to share.

4.       Make good party decisions as a host - offer more vegetables based foods, get your guests active, and change up the sizes of your plates, bowls, and spoons.

5.       Watch the "sneaky calories".


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