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Dec 3, 2021

It's that time of year again when we start talking about the decadence of the holiday season and ways to stay healthy-ish. This Episode Thu, Emily, and Angela share their best tips for a healthy-ish holiday - jeopardy style.

Show Notes:


  • All foods fit - just keep adding those healthy foods to your plate alongside your favorites.
  • Follow MyPlate to keep portions in check over the holiday.  Aim for fiber, protein and produce on every plate!
  • Snack between meals, but keep it balanced with protein and fiber.

Physical Health

  • Celebrate the holiDAYS and not the holiWEEKS.  One indulgent day or meal won't wreck your goals.
  • Get your COVID vaccine/booster or flu shot at the Giant Pharmacy.  No appointment needed.
  • Don’t start the New Year with a diet resolution - it only set you up for overeating during the holidays. Focus on weight maintenance.


  • Try to move for about 30 minutes a day - all forms of movement count.
  • Movement or exercise is best where it is easiest for you!  Go for a walk, move in your basement, or head to the gym.
  • The holidays are the best time to get started on an exercise plan since your family and friends are more likey to be around to join in.  Start small and work your way up.

Emotional Health

  • Take personal time for yourself this holiday season.
  • Connect with others.

Personal Environment

  • Have a plan to get things done! Map out your meals or create a gift budget to reduce stress.
  • Stock up and organize quick gifts and easy meals
  • Clean and fresh spaces create a peaceful environment.  Try Angela's favorites for quick cleaning: vinegar, baking soda and Nature's Promise All Purpose cleaners.