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Jul 7, 2023

Get an insider’s peak at the hottest products for Summer recommended by the Giant Healthy Living Team. All of the products this month are can't miss new items paired with local farmers and producers from right here in the mid-Atlantic.  There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the region's best without ever leaving your neighborhood. #GiantHasIt!

Show Notes:

Shopping List:

  • Breakfast Ideas:
    • Handpicked: Magic Spoon Cereal - Fruity, cocoa, peanut butter, Maple waffle
    • Go Oats Oatmeal In A Ball
    • Eggo Grab and Go Leige-Style Waffles Vanilla Bean
    • LOCAL Milk - Maola, Giant Brand, Nature's Promise
  • Dessert Ideas
    • Tru Frut - Strawberries in white and milk chocolate, Raspberries in white and milk chocolate, Blueberries in dark chocolate, Pineapple in white chocolate and coconut, Strawberries in white chocolate and granola
    • LOCAL Coffee: Rise Up, Orinoco, Compass Coffee
  • Happy Hours/Mocktails/Drinks:
    • Handpicked: San Pellegrino Essenza (3 GS)
    • Simply Mixology Mocktail Mixers- Lime Margarita, Strawberry Guava Mojito, Sour Peach
    • LOCAL BOARD: Virginia Style Peanuts, Firehook Baked Crackers, Gunter's Creamed Honey!
  • Sauces and Condiments:
    • Tapatio Salsa Picante Fajitas Skillet Sauce
    • Hellmann's Sesame Ginger Sauce  & Garlic Aioli Dip & Spread
  • Plant-based Proteins:
    • Handpicked: Lightlife Tempeh

Nasoya Plantspired Tossables Tofu Korean-Inspired Sweet Chili