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Dec 27, 2019

Get an insider’s peak at the hottest products for Winter recommended by the Giant Nutritionist Team. From plant-based proteins and winter produce to hot beverages and savory snacks #GiantHasIt 


Show Notes: 

·         Dole chopped salad kits and blends

·         Citrus: bagged mandarin oranges and key limes, pummelos

·         Freida's purple sweet potatoes

·         Cal-Organic Rainbow Baby Carrots 

·         Light Life Tempeh, Original and Smokey "fakin bacon" strips 

·         Tofurkey deli slices  

·         Sea Cuisine, frozen pre-seasoned fish  

·         Rizo Brother Grated Cotija Mexican Cheese  

·         Zoup Bone Broth 

·         Bare Bones Bone Broths  

·         Kettle & Fire Bone Broth and Soups 

·         Nature’s Promise Soups 

·         Pacific Foods Soups

·         Mike’s Mighty Good Ramen Cups  

·         Chef Soraya Ramen Cups 

·         One Degree Organic Foods: cereals, oats and flours 

·         Tiesta Loose Teas  

·         Stash Teas  

·         Twinning's Wellness Teas  

·         Rise UP Coffee beans 

·         Orinoco Coffee beans  

·         Five Star Strong  

·         Snowing in Space Nitro Cold Brew  

·         Tempt Hempmilk

·         Blue Diamond Almond Breeze blended banana, and Mexican hot chocolate 

·         Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss creamers made with Almond milk, Coconut Milk or Oat milk  

·         Califia Farms creamer made with almond and coconut milk 

·         Ripple Pea Milk half and half

·         California Walnuts

·         Mariani probiotic fruits

·         Go Raw Sprouted Organic Snacking Seeds

·         Crunchsters Sprouted Protein Snacks

·         BRAMi Italian Snacking Lupini beans

·         Pipcorn Heirloom Mini Popcorn

·         Louisville Vegan Jerky 

·         Mighty Spark Chicken Sticks  

·         Field Trip Turkey and Beef Sticks