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Jan 14, 2022

Get an insider’s peak at the hottest products for Winter recommended by the Giant Healthy Living Team. All of the products are simple ways to make meeting your healthier eating goals easy! Best of all, they are all shelf or freezer stable. #GiantHasIt!

Show Notes:



Breakfast Made Easy with Guiding Stars


Lunch Made Easy with Guiding Stars

  • Nature's Promise Kids Crustless Sandwiches Wowbutter with Strawberry or Grape Jelly 
  • Healthy Choice Simply Steamers:  Mediterranean Style with Lentils, Unwrapped Burrito, Honey Balsamic Chicken, Grilled Basil Chicken


Dinner Made Easy with Guiding Stars

  • Gardein (plant-based): Chick'n Scallopini, Be'f Tips Meat, Chick'n Fiesta Skillet Meal 
  • Bird's Eye Power Blends: Southwest or Italian Style, Black Rice and Edamame
  • Happy Tot Organics Microwave Meals 


Flavor Made Easy

  • Ocean's Halo Organic Seaweed Salt with Hint of Lime
  • Herdez Avocado Hot Sauce
  • Impossible Chicken Nuggets