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Aug 28, 2020

Dr. Brian Hasselfeld and Dr. Helen Hughes from Johns Hopkins Medicine join the nutritionist to discuss the top 5 concerns consumers have related to telehealth including why meeting your doctor online may be even better than in person. Special guest Karen Kalla joins in to share her experience using telehealth.


Aug 21, 2020

For teens, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted many of their rituals and milestones of growing up. Pediatric Psychologist Bradley Schwimmer joins the Nutritionists to talk about the effect of COVID-19 on teens and ways parents can help their children beer cope and create some normalcy - starting with family...

Aug 7, 2020

Is mealtime more about overcoming obstacles than nourishing your child? Registered Dietitian Jennifer Anderson from Kids Eat in Color joins the nutritionists to discuss how to handle the picky eaters in your life and ways to expand their food choices.


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