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Mar 31, 2023

Learn about the significance of food at the Passover table and the true purpose of the seder plate (hint: it's about freedom) from Stephanie Weishaar,  Cantor at Kol Nefesh in Columbia, Maryland. Passover begins Wednesday, April 5and ends Thursday, April 13.


Show Notes:

·       Learn about Stephanie Weishaar,  Cantor:

·       Kol Nefesh in Columbia, Maryland .

·       Recordings of previous High Holiday sermons (

·       Learn more about Passover:  My Jewish Learnings - Passover; for families with young children:

·       A playlist of traditional seder melodies as well as silly parody songs for the holiday

·       Make your own haggadah for telling the story at a Passover seder:

·       Passover Recipes from Savory Magazine